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We're new in Oregon but we've been pioneering online lottery ticket services around the world since 2002.

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Lottery Ticket Courier Service

Play Oregon lotto games online and we’ll buy your official Oregon Lottery tickets from an authorized retailer! It’s that simple!

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Making a Better Oregon

Your lottery play, offline and online, benefits state parks, public schools, watershed environment, veteran services, and economic development.

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Play lotto online and your first purchase at theLotter Oregon comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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All traffic on this site is encrypted with a GeoTrust 128-bit SSL security layer, including all transactions

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Our age verification process ensures that our users are 18+ and legally able to play the lottery in Oregon

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Your participation is assured. See a scanned copy of your ticket in your account before every draw

Lottery Stories

The Benefits of Playing Lotteries Online

The Benefits of Playing Lotteries Online

In the past you had to stop on your way somewhere, or stand in line, if you wanted to buy tickets to play the lottery. No more! Buying lottery tickets online is not only simple, but has many advantages!

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6 Tips for Choosing Your Lottery Numbers

6 Tips for Choosing Your Lottery Numbers

Playing lotteries makes equals of us all, because everyone has the same chance of winning. While there’s no foolproof strategy to scoring the jackpot, there are things you might want to consider when filling out your ticket.

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Megabucks Winner Makes $7.3 Million Lucky ‘Mistake’

Megabucks Winner Makes $7.3 Million Lucky ‘Mistake’

Charles Svitak of Central Point entered a local 7-Eleven with the intention of buying one lottery ticket, but he ended up buying another one 'by mistake'. What happened next makes us all want to make such mistakes.

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Where Do Your Lottery Ticket Fees Go?

Where Does Lottery Money Go?

For most people, spending a few dollars on a Powerball ticket doesn’t have a huge impact. But every ticket you buy, either at a retailer or online, goes a long way. Here's how your lottery play helps us all.

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