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Read our selection of lottery-themed articles and stories for fascinating information about playing the lottery in Oregon. Consult our tips and guides when you're choosing what game to play, or what numbers to pick when you fill out your ticket. Sorry but we can’t guarantee that you’ll win the jackpot but who knows, maybe luck will come your way! Be inspired by the stories of Oregon lottery winners. Perhaps one day soon you will score a jackpot win and have a tale to tell of your own!

The Benefits of Playing Lotteries Online

No more going out of your way to play the game. No more standing in line to buy your tickets! Playing the lottery online is simple, safe, and secure. And you can do it now.

6 Tips for Choosing Your Lottery Numbers

We wish we could give you a foolproof strategy for winning the jackpot, but no. The least we can do is give you things to consider when filling out your ticket.

Oregon's Biggest Lottery Winners

Oregonians have scored huge prizes playing Powerball and Mega Millions and also in the Megabucks game. Read their stories - perhaps the next big winner will be you!

Megabucks Winner Makes $7.3 Million Lucky ‘Mistake’

Charles Svitak entered a 7-Eleven to buy a single lottery ticket but ended up buying another one 'by mistake'. What happened next makes us all want to make such mistakes.

When You Buy a Ticket, Where Does the Lottery Money Go?

Purchasing a Powerball ticket might not seem such a big deal, but every ticket you buy, even tickets purchased online, goes a long way and helps us all.

How Much Does a Mega Millions Ticket Cost in Oregon?

When you stop by a retailer to buy Mega Millions tickets, do you know how much they cost? When you play the game online, is the ticket cost exactly the same?

How Much Is a Powerball Lottery Ticket in Oregon?

If you decide to play Powerball online through a lottery service you can expect to pay a bit more than if you bought your tickets in person at a retailer.

How to Win Powerball - 4 Odds-Boosting Tips  

Winning a multi-million Powerball jackpot is on every lottery lottery fan's bucket list. Check out these prize-winning tips that will definitely get you closer to crossing it off!