Play Oregon Megabucks Lottery Online

How to Play Oregon Megabucks Lottery Online

How to Play the Oregon Megabucks Lottery Online

Play Oregon Megabucks online by choosing 6 numbers from a guess range of 1-48 on multiple-line forms. Choose your favorite numbers or use the Quick Pick feature at theLotter Oregon to automatically generate the numbers on your ticket. The choice is yours! When you buy official lottery tickets online at theLotter Oregon, you will see a scan of your ticket in your personal account before the draw. Learn more about how we purchase your Oregon Megabuck tickets here.

Oregon Megabucks offers one of the world's most famous multipliers, the Kicker, which multiplies secondary prizes by 4! Draws are held Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 19:29 PST.

How to Win the Oregon Megabucks Lottery Jackpot

How to Claim Oregon Megabucks Lottery Prizes

The Oregon Megabucks is shared by players who match all 6 main numbers. Whether just 1 player or a multitude of players, the potential win can be huge! The American lottery jackpot has made multi-millionaires of hundreds of people since its beginning in 1984. Each rollover adds $200,000 for the next draw's top prize. Visit Oregon Megabucks results to see if you hold a winning ticket!

If you miss the jackpot, there are still 3 other exciting Oregon Megabucks prizes to win! If you win prizes up to $600 playing Megabucks, theLotter Oregon will transfer them to your account as soon as they are received from the Oregon Lottery Commission. If you win prizes over $600, you will need to collect them in person at Oregon Lottery Commission offices.

How to Claim Oregon Megabucks Lottery Prizes at theLotter Oregon

How Big Can Oregon Megabucks Jackpots Get

The Oregon Megabucks jackpot has a guaranteed minimum of $1 million. There is no cap, so the jackpot continues to grow until someone wins it. The largest jackpot win totaled $30 million in November 2004. The biggest Megabucks jackpot in 2019 was $10.4 million, won by a single ticket in the draw on April 9th. The winners took a one-time payment and after taxes took home $3.536 million.

The average jackpot awarded by Oregon Megabucks is approximately $6 million .

There are 4 prize divisions in the Oregon Megabucks lottery, giving players a great shot at winning 3 of the secondary prizes and 1 huge jackpot! With a relatively small range of numbers to choose from, the odds of scoring a winning ticket are very good.